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How It Works

Vast variety of unique educational toys

Easy 3 Step Process!!!

Hassle free and quick registration

Step 1- Registration

  •   Register online (click here) or by calling us (+91-9108365706)
  •   Choose from available membership plans and payment options
  •   Account will be activated post email/phone verification
Play, Learn, Enjoy and return!!Fast delivery process!

Step 2- Browse & select from vast collection of toys

  •   Browse our exhaustive toy library with unique educational value
  •   Choose as many toys as you like from the library and add to your personalized queue- ‘My Toy Box’
  •   Rearrange toys as per preference anytime in your toy box
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We pride ourselves to be one of the best educational toy library in Bangalore. All the toys are well researched in Indian and International market to bring forward a unique collection of toys for your little ones. We believe in learning through play and hence our toys are mapped to 5 critical skill development categories important for holistic development of your child.

  • Browse through our wide collection by filtering on age, category and sub category to find the most relevant toys for your child.
  • You can add any no. of toys you like to your personalized queue -‘My Toy Box’. You can modify the delivery preference order , remove /add toys anytime in toy box.
  • It is highly recommended to have at least 10 toys in the toy box to ensure you never run out of toys to be delivered.
Personalized toy box to ensure seamless delivery week after week!

Step 3- Toy Delivery/Return

  •   Top 2 toys (as per availability) will be selected from your toy box
  •   Toys will be delivered at your door stop free of cost!!
  •   Used toys will be collected back when delivering new set of toys
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  • The toy delivery is scheduled based on your membership plan.
  • We understand value of your time and hence provide you hassle free and efficient delivery without a need to log in and choose toys before each delivery.
  • Toys will be automatically picked in preference order from your toy box each time and delivered at your doorstep free of cost. Delivered toys will be removed from the toy box. Please keep at least 10 toys in your toy box.
  • Returns are scheduled along with new delivery. By default returns will be scheduled as per your plan but if you want to prepone/postpone return of a toy feel free to call us.

Hygiene and Quality

We follow a stringent four step quality and hygiene check before any toy is sent out for delivery

Step 1 -
Thorough Physical check for any breakage/ damage

Step 4 -
Neatly Packaged and Delivered at your doorstep !

Step 2 -
Rigorous Cleaning & Sanitization Using Disinfectant

Step 3 -
Blow dry for moisture removal & Shrink Wrap