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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?
First of all thanks for showing interest in Funrento. We would be happy to welcome you to Funrento family which takes your precious child to amazing world of toys and fun! Here are the different ways to join this family-
  • Apply online- you can click on ‘Join Now’ or ‘Become a Member’ link on the home page of our website. You will be taken to page for filling registration form followed by choosing your appropriate plan and mode of payment.
  • Contact us - You can call us anytime at our customer support line- +91-9980026882 to share the needed details over phone. We will create your account with a membership plan and payment option of your choice.
What kind of toys do you keep in the library?
At Funrento, we keep only the best quality, branded toys which meet all international safety standards. Our team has done a research on the latest toys which are important to boost a child’s development and is fun at the same time. Our catalogue contains all well researched toys from Indian and international market mapped to the right age group, development skill and interest area so that you get the right one for the child.
How do I search for a particular toy in the library?
We keep a very exclusive collection of all kinds of educational toys to provide variety for holistic development of the child. You can browse appropriate toy by filtering on the age, category (which are the 5 key development skills) and subcategory (based on the interest area) to find the perfect toy for your little one. . If you are looking for a specific toy you can use the search bar on the top to find it using toy name. Incase if you can’t find a particular toy are looking for feel free to suggest the same in ‘Suggest a Toy’ tab on our website. Alternately you can also call us for any assistance
How fast can I expect to receive the toys? Are there any delivery charges?
All our products can be booked for renting throughout the week by selecting them online or sending us an email/calling us. Currently the deliveries are planned on Sundays in different time slots. We request you to update your toy box latest by 5 PM on Friday to ensure that the correct set of toys is delivered to you. The previously issued toys will be picked up at the time of delivering the new set. Hence, we request you to keep those ready for pick up. We are pleased to mention that all the toys delivery and pickup is absolutely free of cost!
What kind of toys do you keep in the library?
Although we have tried to make our toy library very wide to cover all types of toys, if you can’t find a particular toy listed on our page we would be happy to know about it. There is a ‘Suggest a Toy’ link on the right side of the page which you can use to recommend a particular toy. Our team will review all suggestions, evaluate the benefits of the toy and try to include it in our collection. We will also notify you if a toy you suggested is added to the library.
What is ‘My Toy Box’?
We understand the value of your time. Hence to make renting an easier process for you, we allow adding multiple toys of your liking in your toy box. There are features to move the delivery priorities of each toy up or down or remove any toy from your toy box at any point of time. Before each scheduled delivery we select top 2 available toys from your toy box and deliver them to you. You can login once a month and just maintain a toy box of around 10-20 toys. No hassle to login to choose the toys for each delivery every week :)
Why should I rent toys, when I can buy them for my kids?
Well there are many benefits to renting like saving money, time, space etc. Here are some reasons we feel one should rent and not buy—
  • More economical on your pocket- As per latest research an urban Indian household spends around Rs. 1000 per month on toys so around Rs. 12000/year to get 12 toys for their child. By renting in our basic plan you get 48 unique toys in a year for just Rs. 7000. Isn’t that pocket friendly?
  • More variety - Kids have a short attention span and need new toys to keep them engaged. Also a variety of toys is very useful to foster a child’s development. It’s not practical to buy so much variety. That’s where you can choose to rent, let your kid enjoy the toy and exchange it for a new set every week.
  • Save your precious time- We at Funrento do detailed research on latest and safe toys in market and bring forward a very comprehensive list of educational toys so that you can order from comfort of your home. We save your time to research and step out to buy from a store. We deliver neatly packed toys right at your doorstep.
  • Save Space- Now avoid cluttering of all unused toys at home. Rent, play and return policy avoids any outgrown or unused toys lying at home.
  • Try before you buy- We agree there is some stuff you really want your kid to have his/her own. But at times we really are not sure whether that expensive stuff we are buying will be enjoyed or used by the child. So why not rent it from us, experiment it with likings of your baby and if you are sure it fits his interests you can buy it from outside or from us at a depreciated cost.
  • Be green to the environment- Just like we do car pool to save petrol, sharing toys reduces the consumption of plastic which is a big threat to our environment. So we can do our bit here towards mother earth by not buying so many toys, instead sharing them among kids. This also encourages the practice of sharing in kids.
Why should I rent from Funrento?
By becoming a member of Funrento family ensures you get nothing but the best for your little one. At Funrento we are a team of qualified founders who are also proud parents of a little one. Hence, what we provide on our website is same as what we would choose for our child as well. So you can rest assured about the quality, hygiene and safety standards of the toys we offer.

We strongly believe toys are not just for fun but they play an important role in a child’s holistic development. Hence choosing right toys at each stage of growth is really important. We have done an exhaustive research on high quality educational toys which impart one or more of the key skills needed for kid’s development.

Also we provide thoroughly sanitized and beautifully packed toys at your doorstep which your kid will eagerly wait for 
How does Funrento ensure cleanliness and hygiene of toys?
We at Funrento keep hygiene and cleanliness as our topmost priority and it is the most important customer value we provide. We understand the child’s sensitivities and hence rest assured that we do the best to send thoroughly sanitized and cleaned toys at your doorstep which are as clean as new. After every toy is returned and before reissued to someone else we follow the rigorous 4 step quality check—
  • Physical Inspection- We check the toy for any physical damage and the same is taken care of before sending out the toy for delivery
  • Cleaning- Every toy is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned by washing/wiping it using a disinfectant mixture & dried with a clean cloth.
  • Blow Dry & Shrink Wrap- To ensure complete moisture removal, the toys are blow dried and shining clean toys are packed in neat shrink wraps to ensure they are untouched during delivery
  • Packaging- Toys are packed in beautiful baskets/bags so that they arrive at your doorstop as good as new. The packaging also helps you to store the toys neatly at your home while rented out to you.
If you have any feedback to make the quality check a better process, feel free to call us @ +91- 9108365706 and we will do all we can to make it better!
I have taken membership but we need to travel in between. Can I pause the membership?
Yes, we provide you an option to freeze membership in between if you are unavailable to use our services. The duration of freeze needs to be minimum 15 days though and freeze period can be started 7 days after current date. This freeze period would be carried forward. Once you are back and ready to rent you have to unfreeze the membership by logging into your account. No toys can be rented during freeze period and all the rented toys need to be returned before the freeze period.
The standard membership plans do not fit my need. Can I customize based on my needs?
Yes! You can call us to customize the plan and we will make one for you.
I need a collection of toys to organize my child birthday party/get - together. Can you provide toys for the same?
Yes! We customize such needs under our Fun Plan where you can rent multiple toys for a day or two and return them accordingly. Please call us if you need one such plan.
I am here for a vacation and need some toys/ strollers/car seats for longer duration. Can I rent that?
Yes! We have a vacation plan where we offer toys/strollers for a longer period like a month or two. Whether you are here for a vacation or looking to try something for a month or two to decide if you want to buy, this plan will serve your needs.

Apart from this we provide neat delivery at your doorstep in beautiful baskets at absolutely zero cost! Your kid will love un-wrapping his toys every week. Hence you can sit back and relax when it comes to renting from us :)
What if a toy is damaged / broken or parts are lost while playing?
We at Funrento select the best quality and sturdy toys for your little one which are not easily breakable. Also, we do a thorough physical examination of the toy before sending out to you. Yet we understand that there are times where a toy breaks or a part goes missing while playing. In such cases we try our best to get it repaired or find the replacement of parts without compromising on the quality of the toy. However if unable to get repaired/replaced, you can own the toy and depreciated cost of the toy based on its MRP will be charged from you. For toys like Lego, we encourage you to use a small box/tray while playing so that loss of parts is minimized. Please check the below link for depreciation calculator:
What if I receive a toy in broken/damaged condition or certain parts are missing?
We follow a very rigid 4 step quality check before any delivery is passed to you which includes 1.Thorough inspection of toy 2.Cleaning & Sanitization 3.Blow drying & Shrink wrap & 4.Neat packaging. Our team follows this process stringently. Hence the chances of receiving a toy in unsuitable condition are highly unlikely. Nevertheless, if you do receive items in a damaged condition or some of the items are missing, we urge you to not take the delivery and notify us on our customer care @ 91-9108365607 so that we can take a note of it and replace the toy. Also we would take such instances very seriously so that they do not reoccur.
Can I refer a Friend?
We would be so glad if you do! There is a link on right side of the page ‘Refer a friend’. You will be asked to fill the details of the friend you want to refer and Funrento team will send a referral mail to the same. Once a referral done by you becomes an active member, we will be happy to thank you by giving a discount coupon for your upcoming subscription plan.
How do I know whether Funrento provides its services in locality where I reside?
Currently, we provide our services in Marthahali, Kundanhalli, Domlur, Indranagar, Whitefield, Bellandur and nearby areas. As we grow bigger we will expand to other areas. You can drop us an email at or call us 9108365706 to check for delivery in your area.
How do I pay for the services?
Here are the details for NEFT transaction-
Account Name- Wizcraft Solutions
Account no- 194805000076
IFSC code- ICIC0001948

Here are the details for Cheque-
Pay to: Wizcraft Solutions
What are the various charges associated with the membership?
We operate on completely transparent model where there is no hidden fee. There are below kind of fees that a member pays-
  • A One-time nonrefundable registration fee to be paid at time of registration.
  • Plan fee depending on the plan you select. This has to be paid by COD or Cheque during the first delivery of the renewal cycle or NEFT before the scheduled delivery for renewal. Funrento team will send out a email reminder when the current plan is about to expire
  • Refundable security deposit to be paid at the time of registration which will be refunded when the member chooses to terminate the membership with Funrento.
We operate on completely transparent model where there are no hidden fee or unnecessary penalty charges. There are below kind of fees that a member pays-
  • One time non refundable registration fee to be paid at time of registration.
  • Plan fee depends on the plan you select. This has to be paid by COD, Cheque during the first delivery of the new period or NEFT before the scheduled delivery of the new period. Funrento team will send out a email reminder when the current plan is about to expire
  • One time Security deposit to be paid at the time of registration to be refunded when the member chooses to terminate the association with funrento. Pending dues, charges if any will be settled from this security deposit.
If i have taken a particular plan, can i choose any toy from the catalogue?
Yes! You can borrow any toy from the catalogue. Based on no of toys allotted in your plan we will deliver the toys to you. There are some toys marked as premium on the website. Premium toys are tier 1 toys or very delicate toys which need extra maintenance at our end. Such toys attract an additional delivery charge apart from the regular membership fee. So if you choose to rent a premium toy, there will be additional one time delivery cost over and above your plan fee.
How long can I keep the toys once issued?
Based on the plan you choose, there is a specified no of exchanges allowed in a month. If you have 2 exchanges allowed in a month, you can keep each set of toys for 14 days (2 weeks) which is a default set up. But you can choose to keep first set for 3 weeks and another set for 1 week or vice versa based how much is your kid enjoying with the rented toy. You can also choose to keep the same set of toy for as long as 2 months (maximum) if your kid is really enjoying it but the allowed exchanges in a month will not be carried forward. Our delivery is on every Sunday. We will call you before next scheduled delivery to confirm whether you are ready to exchange for the next set of toy and hence you can let us know if you want to extend.
How do I exchange the products?
We work on fixed period exchange model. Our deliveries and returns are planned on Sundays every week. Based on the no. of exchanges in your plan we will schedule a delivery/pick up on a given Sunday in a week and notify you for the same. In case if you want to reschedule please notify us of the same in advance by calling us.
Do I need to exchange / return all items at the same time?
The process for doing this is extremely simple. You will find exchange button in the my account section once you log-in to your account. If you wish to exchange, click on the exchange button. Your current set of toys will be exchanged with the next available toys in your queue. Although we try our best to deliver toys from the top of the queue it is always better to have at least 10 toys in the queue to ensure that you always get new set of toys. The next set of toys will be delivered to your doorstep when the next delivery is scheduled in your area.
How will I know that the items picked up have been received by you?
Post each delivery/collection, the delivery boy will take the confirmation signature from you. Once the item is received by us and inspected for no damage or missing parts, we will update the successful return in order history in your profile as well as send you a confirmation email. You can log in at any time in your profile to check your entire order history.
What if I am not at home / in town on the date of delivery / pick-up?
If you find yourself unable to attend to the delivery / pick-up on a particular date, you can call us on our customer service number and we shall adjust the visit accordingly, provided we have been informed well in advance.
When and how do I renew my membership?
You can check the expiry date of your plan in the My Account section of Funrento toy library. If you wish to renew your membership using the same plan you can click on the Renew Membership button in ‘My Membership’ tab. Based on the mode of payment selected you can either give cash/cheque to the delivery boy or initiate a NEFT transfer. If you wish to change the plan, you can click on ‘Change Plan’ button.
How do I discontinue the membership?
For discontinuing your membership, you can login to your account and go to ‘My Account’. In the ‘My Membership’ tab you can select to cancel membership. Alternatively you may send us an e-mail at and our representative will get in touch with you for the formalities. You may also call us at+91-9108365706.
How soon can I get my security deposit back if I chose to discontinue?
You will get your deposit back within 10 days after all the pending toys have been returned back to us. Any damages/pending fee will be settled from the security deposit.
If my child is enjoying a particular toy, can I buy it from you?
We will be glad to know that your child thoroughly enjoyed the toy. If you wish to buy it, please call us at our helpline and we will evaluate based on product stock quantity. We would be happy to sell you the same at discounted rate.
I have a question not covered above, how to contact you? I have a feedback/complaint?
We are always open to all reviews, feedbacks and queries resolution. Kindly call us at our helpline (+91- 9108365706) for any of the above. For feedbacks, you can also use our feedback link on the right side of our page. Alternately, you can write to us at